Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Burning Down the House

It's only Tuesday morning and a friend of mine is not having a good week. T emailed me that yesterday, a day he took off from work so that a new water heater could be installed, he lit a citronella candle and set it on a plastic table on the porch. He was hoping to keep the bugs away. As candles do, it melted, presumably all the way down, and caught the plastic table on fire. Ii was one of those candles with a hard exterior/coating that isn't supposed to melt/catch fire, but it did. T was upstairs in his house playing guitar when his neighbor ran up to the back door to tell him about the fire. Luckily, he had his garden hose hooked up and quickly extinguished the fire. The 'funny' part is that his Maine Coon kitty sat there the whole time on the lounge chair with the table melting & burning two feet away from him and didn't even jump off the chair or meow in terror because of the fire or the spraying of the hose. I've always really liked Eddie the fluffy kitty - T used to bring him over to visit me in my apartment back when I had a huge cast on my leg and couldn't get out and needed cheering up. I'm glad he is OK. And the house, too!!!

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