Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicken Marsala

The chicken marsala last night was yummy!!! The recipe we use is one I found several months ago when I was looking for a chicken marsala recipe that didn't call for dredging the chicken in flour. At the time, SP thought he had celiac disease (first doctor said the test was 'inconclusive' so probably yes, avoid gluten, that was 7 years ago; second test this past February [with a new doctor] showed that he doesn't have celiac - there has since been much celebrating with gluten goodies!). Not sure why I didn't just dredge the chicken in cornstarch or one of those gluten-free flour substitutes (other than I don't like the gluten-free flour substitutes!) but the point is, the recipe I found is gluten-free (no dredging in any kind of flour) and yummy. It might not be 'real, true' chicken marsala, but we love it!!! Lots of onions and mushrooms and chicken in a marsala-chicken broth-butter sauce. We like to eat it with butter noodles. Last night I decided to use up the carrots - they were starting to get bendy - so we had cooked carrots as our vegetable.

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