Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CSA Week #2

Last night we got our second batch of CSA goodies: fresh spinach rotini, crimini mushrooms, chevre goat cheese, parsley, chives, salad greens, and arugula. We had a taste of the chevre when we cut it in half to split with SP's brother - oh it was tasty. Yum. SP issued a stern warning that I am not to eat all the cheese while he is at work today -- he knows me & my love of cheese all too well. I could easily eat it all by myself! We also had a good laugh that after a weekend of re-potting plants, we now have a parsley plant to re-pot. The basil is noticeably taller than on Friday when we bought it and the parsley looks to be doing quite well, it just needs some more space. Another chore for the weekend -- the sunny with temperatures in the low 80's weekend. I can't wait!! Enough of this wind and rain that has been battering my newly planted pansies!

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