Monday, April 27, 2009

Hot Weekend

Sheesh it got hot this past weekend - the news said it was 87 on Saturday & Sunday!! Our thermometers inside told us it was 85 in the living room and 86 in the bedroom! We managed to resist turning on the a/c until last night. I just felt too stuffy. Even though we'll be turning it off tomorrow, it was so nice to have a cool house to sleep in after 2 nights of being slightly uncomfortable!

SP had another productive 'yard work' weekend. He mowed (although 24 hours later the darn dandelions reemerged), dug up the yellow flower weed and the silly looking purple flower ground cover (see photo top L above), and he planted the hostas (no photo yet). Now we need to buy plastic and mulch to fix up the ripped plastic and depleted mulch. The landscaping looked so nice when we looked at the house and bought it last year. But we didn't do any yard maintenance except for mowing - we concentrated on painting inside and other inside decor. Have I mentioned the pink walls, pink blinds, pink light fixtures, and abundance of mirrors from the previous owners? All that pink and all those mirrored closet doors and all those random mirrors mounted on walls - I still shudder! Now we are confronted with lots of yard work. Slow, steady progress...

On a sad note, our magnolia tree has lost nearly all the beautiful, pink flowers - I suppose all the wind and rain last week battered the blossoms to death. It's slowly changing into the green, leafy tree we remember from last year (we missed all the spring blossoms last year). I'm glad I took a couple of photos before it lost the blossoms.

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