Thursday, April 23, 2009

Movie Night

Since there wasn't a new episode of Lost last night, SP & I cuddled up on the couch and watched Bolt. It was lot of fun!!! We really enjoyed the movie despite it being completely predictable. One of us is a cat lover, the other a cat tolerater, so we had some good-natured snickering and ribbing regarding the cat & dog characters in the film. Of course Rhino the Hamster stole the show!!! After the movie, we watched The Unusuals. We both are really enjoying the show. I was sad at the cancellation of Life On Mars, which I really enjoyed, and while The Unusuals doesn't intrigue me as much as LOM did, it is certainly entertaining and there's actually character development and continuing individual story lines. Tonight is the return of Grey's Anatomy and hopefully it will continue to redeem itself after all those those silly and annoying 'dead Denny ghost' episodes I endured earlier this season.

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