Monday, April 20, 2009

Posies & Plants

This past weekend was a weekend of many trips to stores for posies & plants! We planted some pretty pansies in the planter out front -- hopefully we won't kill them this year (last year, we neglected to water them and they crumbed to dust). We also bought several plants for the sun room and stayed up very late on Saturday transplanting them into pots and adding soil and watering and arranging! We now have a 'majestic palm' in once corner, 2 'assorted foliage' arrangements, a pot of basil, an African violet, and a spathiphyllum (peace lily). Then we enjoyed the new coziness on Sunday while we watched the Pens game (which they lost, miserably). SP also did a few more hours of yard work - it's starting to look less 'jungle-y' out there. A friend brought over some hostas she split off from her plantings so now we have more digging and planting to do out front (we have some ugly, weedy things that we need to dig up and replace). I think that we are both secretly happy that ever since the hostas arrived, it's been raining, and it's forecast to rain the next couple of days. Darn! Guess we'll have to wait until next weekend to play in the dirt!

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