Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday we met SP's family for lunch at Tamarind, an Indian restaurant in Green Tree. I am not a huge fan of Indian food. It's not Indian food in particular -- I am just not a huge fan of spicy food and Indian food tends to be spicy, at least to me it's spicy. Even the most mild of spicy foods is spicy to me. Also, I do not like garlic -- it makes me sick. Literally sick to my stomach within a half hour or so of eating it. My least favorite foods/food flavors include curry, lentils, lemongrass, coconut, peanut, any kind of chili, any kind of bean. So my least favorite foods/flavors along with not liking spicy food and getting sick from garlic - well, it just doesn't make Indian food a good choice for me! But SP & his family love the lunch buffet at Tamarind. I tried several dishes - the lamb was quite tasty but after swallowing, the heat spread around my mouth and I started gulping water. I was advised to drink the mango lassi to cut the heat, but despite liking yogurt, I don't like yogurt drinks. SP told me the chicken rice would not be spicy, but as my lips tingled and went numb, I heard SP's dad and SP's sister discussing how the chicken rice seemed to have quite a kick!!! I tried the eggplant in sauce, a fried chicken thing that was a bit spicy, some rice/lentil dough thing, scallion pancake, rice with peas & cumin - none of it was especially tasty to me. But the naan. Ohhh, the naan. I think I amused everyone by eating 8 pieces of naan and plain white rice. Meanwhile, SP and his family enjoyed plate after plate of Indian dishes. SP and his sister especially enjoyed a pumpkin dish and the soups. Even SP's 1 year old nephew enjoyed his scallion pancake and mango lassi. So I would recommend Tamarind if you like Indian food, especially the weekend lunch buffet because it is a very nice buffet. As for me, well, I'll just fill up on naan. And dosa, which, while not at the buffet, is on the regular menu and I really like dosa.


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