Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend in Canton, OH

In today's newspaper, there's a suggestion for a 'Weekend Getaway' to Canton, OH. Earlier this month, SP & I went on a weekend getaway to Canton! It all started when my mom told me about a 'Kimono As Art' exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art. Then I realized that the Pro Football Hall of Fame is in Canton and I had never been there. So we decided to have a weekend in Canton! We drove out on Saturday and went straight to the Museum of Art. The kimonos are stunning - they are not meant to be worn, they are pieces of art. The 'main' display of 40 kimonos arranged in a U and depicting the gradual change of seasons across a landscape is breath-taking. We sat in the center and marveled. We were finished at the art museum by around 2 pm so we decided to drive the half hour north to Akron to go to the West Point Market.

I first heard about WPM in a cooking class catalog for a store called Crate. One of the classes was a field trip to WPM. WPM is wonderful - first, we perused the wine - an exciting experience for 2 Pennsylvanians, seeing wine sold in a grocery store!!! Then, the cheeses. There were cheese samples. Yum. And wine tastings. The rest of the store is a blur of teas and meats and fish and bakery items. We bought some desserts for later that evening and some wine & tea to bring home and then headed back to Canton.

Sunday we went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I grew up in Pittsburgh and can remember the teams of the 1970's when they won 4 Super Bowls and we would sing the 'Steelers Fight Song' in music class - I still love Steelers football. SP had the misfortune of spending the first 15 years of his life in north NJ and thus becoming a NY Giants fan. He also likes the Steelers (having lived in Pittsburgh ever since age 15 except for 2 years in Seattle). We fear there ever being a Steelers-Giants Super Bowl. Things could get ugly in this house. So naturally, we lingered at the Steelers and Giants areas. There's a lot to see/do at PFHOF and we easily spent 3 hours wandering around. Worth the trip. And we got $5 off coupons good until the end of the year since we are from Pittsburgh and the new Super Bowl ring and SB XLIII memorabilia aren't on display yet.

The best part - not being responsible adults for a weekend! No laundry, yard work, etc. - just enjoying a road trip and exploring another town.

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