Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BLT Bow Ties

Last night we tried a new recipe. It's from (where else?!) Bon Appetit. I've been subscribing to BA since 2002. I always cut out the recipes that sound good and I have amassed a collection of recipes organized in 4 binders -- there's a lot I haven't tried, they just make me happy to see the photo or I think 'someday I'll try that' but, like a real cookbook, I love flipping through the binders for a new idea or inspiration.

Back to dinner: BLT Bow Ties is so simple! Cook bacon and reserve a wee bit of bacon fat. Add a can of drained tomatoes to the reserved bacon fat and cook. I forget the exact order, but add the additional ingredients of fresh basil, white cooking wine, parmesan, dried crushed red pepper, green onions, and arugula. Last, add the cooked bow ties. Sprinkle with more parmesan and enjoy.

We decided this dish is a keeper - it was quite tasty. Two things we would change, though. First, we used spinach because the CSA didn't have arugula this week. Spinach is not a bad choice for this dish, we just think that the peppery bite of arugula would make the dish a bit yummier.

Second, the tomatoes. I'm not sure I liked the taste of the canned tomatoes. I wonder if this recipe is from BA's 'Quick & Easy' section and if that's why it calls for canned tomatoes (I cut it out so long ago I can't remember). SP & I debated if fresh tomatoes could be used. I wondered about the moisture content, but SP reminded me that it's a can of drained tomatoes, so there's no extra moisture from the can juice. Juicy fresh tomatoes would provide moisture. Yes, reserved pasta water can be used to moisten the pasta, but I prefer moistening with an ingredient, like juicy tomatoes. So I think in the future we will use fresh tomatoes instead of canned.

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