Monday, May 11, 2009

The Chocolate Pizzelle Disaster

This really is SP's story. It all happened while I was watching the Pens game and finishing my cross-stitch. It was Saturday, and while I spent the day cross-stitching and relaxing, SP got the oil changed & tires rotated; went to Costco, Target, & Giant Eagle; mowed the lawn; & did 2 loads of laundry -- all because he wanted to have a relaxing, no-chore, no-errand Sunday. Sounds like a good plan, right? We even had a quickie dinner of frozen Rosetto ravioli with jarred pasta sauce. But then, he decided to make me chocolate pizzelles. I did not actually witness the disaster, I just heard the disaster as it unfolded.

It was a recipe from the manual included with the pizzelle maker and called for cocoa powder and bits of chopped chocolate. The batter seemed to mix up OK, it was in the cooking that the disaster started. Apparently, they stuck to the pizzelle maker, even though we have dutifully oiled it. Then, as he tried to remove the stuck pizzelles, they broke into lots of wee little pieces that flew all over the kitchen (and yes, I am a neat freak, so he knew I would not be thrilled).

He got frustrated and quit after making about 10 pizzelles. He tossed the remaining batter and started the clean up. I heard the dust buster, I heard the water running, I heard sweeping sounds & wiping sounds. I heard sighs of frustration and maybe even a bad word. I stayed away and focused on my cross-stitch and Malkin scoring the winning goal.

SP has vowed to never again make the chocolate pizzelles.

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