Sunday, May 17, 2009

Citrus Sables

SP and I both read Joy the Baker. We both noticed a delicious sounding recipe for 'Lemon Lime Sables' posted on her blog. So we decided to take a break from pizzelles and try a new recipe. These cookies are delicious. They call for the zest of a lime and a lemon. The smell of freshly grated citrus zest is heavenly.
After mixing together all the ingredients, the dough is shaped into 2 logs. The bits of lemon and lime zest seem to shimmer in the dough.

After chilling the logs for at least 2 hours, they are sliced and baked.

And of course, after baking, and cooling for a bit, they are eaten. We decided these cookies are definitely a keeper!

One note: for our first log, we didn't brush the log with egg yolk & roll in sugar before slicing & baking. We did for the second log (well, we used egg white, not yolk). We think the taste of the rolled in sugar log is better - it adds just the right touch of extra sweetness without being too sweet.

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