Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CSA Week #7

Tuesday = CSA Night. This week's box contains a loaf of organic whole wheat bread, eggs, green onions, rhubarb, romaine, broccoli, broccoli rabe, and a sweet basil plant. Yes, that's right - a plant. I feel pretty confident about the survival chances for this sweet basil -- after all, I've never failed at basil, just at parsley. I guess the parsley dying is a 'blessing in disguise' (?) since it frees up a pot for the sweet basil!

Nothing like fresh produce - and the critters it brings. SP brought everything in last night and dropped it off at the top of the stairs before returning to the basement to feed the cats. I went over, all nosy, to check out the mail & produce. And that's when I saw it - a huge black spider. EEWWW! I yelled for SP - yes, I am a girlie girl when it comes to bugs. I shriek, back away in terror, quiver with fear, keep my eye on it, and call for SP to kill it. My definition of a 'big bug' is questionable, but SP said that this spider was indeed a big one and it really squished when he killed it. EEEWWW GROSS!

The point of the spider story - the side of the plastic basil container was covered with a very thick white spider web, and there were small grayish-black blobs on the web. Fearing hatching spiders, I wiped off the web and made SP take out the trash - after all, wouldn't want anything to hatch in the trash and come marching out into the kitchen. Always check your CSA for critters.

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