Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lamb, Pizzelles, and the Penguins

Yesterday was a terrific day for grilling. I like to take photos of the sunny, clear blue sky days in Pittsburgh just to prove to my dad (who is in Las Vegas) that we really do have sunny days. He always calls Pittsburgh gray and rainy. Can't imagine why...!! I think all the sun, every day, all day long in LV would get kind of boring...?!

We decided to grill some lamb chops, roast some potatoes, and steam the CSA broccoli rabe. We used the same marinade for the lamb chops as we did for the leg of lamb on Easter. And, we made the same mustard roasted potatoes. Here's some before photos:

SP fired up the grill and grilled some tasty lamb chops, the potatoes roasted in a 400 degree oven, the broccoli rabe steamed in the microwave, and we sat out on the deck and enjoyed a beautiful day & dinner!

Enough time has passed since the Chocolate Pizzelle Disaster that SP was ready to try pizzelles again. After dinner, we made vanilla-anise pizzelles. They are tasty, maybe our favorite of the 4 flavors we've made, plus they did not crisp and stick and break into billions of little pieces that bounced all over the kitchen.

And, yes, we had the Penguins-Game 3 on while we made pizzelles. They won!!! One more win and they're in the finals!!!

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