Monday, May 18, 2009

Lunch At Eleven

SP took a vacation day today. He took me to a doctor appointment in Oakland. My appointment was at 10 am, but we didn't get to see the doctor until 11:15. Ugh!!! After the appointment, I had to have some blood work done. I hadn't eaten breakfast because I suspected she would send me for blood work, so when, at 1 pm, we were finally done, I was incredibly hungry. It was time for the fun part of SP's day off: lunch at Eleven, one of our favorite Pittsburgh restaurants.

We settled into our table and ordered iced teas. Our lovely waiter brought us some bread to munch on. Delicious bread - we ate it all:

Naturally, I forgot to take a photo until most of the dried fruit studded piece was eaten!!! I surprised myself by actually getting out my cell phone and taking photos of our food!! I hope they didn't think I was too crazy!

We tried the 'Smoked Lamb Taco' for an appetizer and SP ordered a bowl of 'Rockport Shrimp Soup.'

The soup was very tasty, with bits of prosciutto. The lamb tacos - divine. I love lamb, and this was very flavorful and moist lamb. There were refried lentils on top of the crispy, but not too crispy, corn tortilla (and yes, I ate the lentils, and they were actually pretty tasty). The lamb was piled on top of the lentils, some diced tomatoes were piled on top of the lamb, and bits of goat cheese were scattered around the plate. The goat cheese was so smooth and creamy. For the main meal, I ordered the 'Lobster Roll' and SP ordered the Crab Cake Sandwich.'

The lobster roll came with mesclun greens in a very light & tasty vinaigrette and with avocado fries. The avocado fries were decadent. Thick slices of avocado fried in a tasty batter - not as light as a tenpura batter, but the breading was light in that it did not completely encase the avocado - the avocado was clearly visible beneath the deliciously crispy breading. The lobster roll was delicious, too - large chunks of lobster mixed with mayo, celery, and onion on a roll with tomato and lettuce. The roll was exceptional. SP's crab cake sandwich came with the same mesclun greens and 'Old Bay French Fries.' He let me try a bite of crab cake, which was all crab - there was very little/no filler and a nice, light bread coating. We ate every single bite of food on our plates. We were full, but there was no way we were skipping dessert:

I ordered the 'Tiramisu Molten Chocolate Cake' -- mascarpone ice cream, white chocolate-espresso sauce, Kahlua gelee, a chocolate checkerboard shortbread cookie - soooo good. Our waiter told us it would take about 15 minutes to prepare and it was well worth the wait (which we didn't notice anyway since we were in a lobster/crab/avocado coma). SP ordered 'Meyer Lemon Meringue Shortcake' -- lemon ice cream, lemon curd, blueberry hibiscus tea, & candied lemon. I liked his lemony dessert, but the chocolate dessert was much tastier to me. SP preferred his lemon to my chocolate. This is not a reflection on the quality of the dessert but a reflection on our individual tastes - given a choice, I will almost always choose chocolate while SP will almost always choose a fruit dessert.

An absolutely delicious lunch. Eleven once again showed why it is my favorite restaurant.


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