Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mmmmm Cookies

My parents are in town for a visit so I decided to bake some of their favorite cookies: Pizzelles & Madeleines.

This afternoon, I made a batch of the vanilla-anise pizzelles. My mom loves pizzelles and she helped - the best kind of help: she cleaned everything up! She sat and talked to me while I used the pizzelle maker and sampled every so often, just to make sure they were OK. So we have some pizzelles.

Tonight, SP & I made madeleines. I love madeleines. I cannot explain why. I'm not even sure how I first came to know about madeleines. I suspect my madeleine obsession started when Bon Appetit published a recipe for Earl Grey-Honey Madeleines alongside a photo of adorable, delicate, mouth-watering, shell-shaped delights. I was hooked.

Of course, I didn't have the proper pans. One day, SP & I were in a kitchen store and I saw madeleine pans and commented about how I'd always wanted to bake my own. Thus far, I had settled for madeleines bought at a coffee shop or in a huge tub at Costco (which are pretty tasty!). My next birthday present: madeleine pans.

We have made many batches of madeleines, not just the basic recipe but also lemon-almond and chocolate. SP even made gluten-free, rose water flavored madeleines. The chocolate ones weren't very good, but my father loves the lemon-almond.

So tonight we toasted almonds and then ground them, grated lemon, and whipped up a batch of these shell-shaped delights. Even though my pans are non-stick, we always grease them with butter and then flour them.
In addition to the ground almonds and lemon zest, this recipe calls for 4 eggs, sugar, flour, almond extract, and melted unsalted butter.

Here's some batter-in-the-molds and just-out-of-the-oven photos:

I don't enjoy these as much as regular madeleines - these always seem to be 'stickier' to me, but they are still quite tasty. The last step: sprinkling with powdered sugar. I sampled only one madeleine tonight and it was wonderful!
Such basic ingredients, a hint of lemon, spongy goodness. Yum.

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