Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pizza & Pizzelles

After watching the KY Derby, we decided to finally make dinner. Earlier, SP made pizza dough in his bread machine, so he set about stretching out the dough, adding sauce, cheese, kalamatas, roasted red pepper, and sun dried tomato. Here it is, ready to go onto the pizza stone in the oven:
But then we ran into problems: the pizza wouldn't slide off the pizza peel paddle and onto the pizza stone. After much coaxing and muttering and sputtering, SP managed to smush it onto the pizza stone. At this point, it looked only slightly deformed. Here it is after cooking: But then, things got even worse: it wouldn't slide from the stone back onto the paddle! It was stuck, possibly because of melted/burnt cheese underneath the pizza. There was much more muttering and sputtering and unhappiness. Finally, it was on the paddle and then transferred onto a large cutting board for... well, I would say cutting but it was more like scooping. Here's what it looked like on our plates:
Despite the mangeled appearance, it was very tasty!!!

After pizza, we made more pizzelles. This time, we added Grand Marnier to the batter. The first few didn't taste sufficiently orange-y so we added more Grand Marnier and some grated orange peel. They taste good, but not as good as the vanilla. Here are the orange pizzelles:

SP is now asleep on the couch - he mowed the lawn while I relaxed after the zoo, so he's quite tired. And we're both full of pizza & pizzelles!

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  1. The funny/annoying part with the dough being stuck to the peel was I DID dust it with cornmeal -- quite heavily in fact. The mistake I made was that after spreading the dough out, I used to lift it one more time before putting on any toppings "just in case" -- this time I forgot to do that, and sure enough...

    Still, it was tasty enough for a first effort since going back off the gluten-free diet.