Friday, May 22, 2009

Rigatoni & Braising Greens-Rice Slop

Tonight I had a lovely dinner of rigatoni with my mom's homemade meat spaghetti sauce. She made the sauce over the holidays and froze some for me. There's nothing like my mom's sauce. It's my favorite spaghetti/lasagna sauce. The taste and smell transport me back to my childhood -- a pot of sauce simmering all day long, sneaking pieces of white bread hastily dipped into the sauce, the four of us gathered around the table in the kitchen after dad got home from work, a cold winter day but so warm & toasty in the kitchen from the simmering sauce and hot pasta boiling or lasagna baking. Sprinkling lots of parmesan in top - some things never change!

SP made himself another 'SP Dinner.' Tonight's 'slop' was a concoction of brown rice, the CSA braising greens, garam masala, curry leaves, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, chicken broth, freshly grated ginger, CSA green garlic & green onions, and hot curry powder.

He swears it's delicious. I'm hoping the kitchen airs out soon...

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