Monday, May 4, 2009

Risotto, Crab, & Mojitos

Yesterday we decided to make asparagus risotto. The original plan was to make breaded chicken breasts to accompany the risotto, but while doing the grocery shopping SP decided to buy crab claws instead. Before starting, we made mojitos to sip while cooking (and to use up spearmint from the CSA!). We made mine with regular rum and SP's with spiced rum. I liked his better. Our drinks were almost finished by the time I remembered to take a photo! The asparagus risotto recipe is from Bon Appetit. It's one of my favorite recipes that I've saved from my BA issues. First, we made the 'asparagus puree' part of the recipe - blending asparagus with chicken broth and water:
It looks kind of yucky in the blender, but the finished risotto is delicious! Next, we gathered all the other ingredients:And the stirring began!! Risotto isn't that difficult, it just takes patience to slowly add the broth and to keep stirring. I always struggle to resist the urge to ladle in more than one ladleful of broth at a time! Here's an 'in progress' photo:
It took quite a while to add all 5 cups of broth plus the asparagus puree. SP put laundry away, put clean sheets on the bed, cleaned up dirty dishes, fed the cats, and watered our plants while I stirred and stirred and stirred!!!!! Here it is, all ready to eat:
And finally, sitting down at the table for a delicious Sunday meal:
The crab claws were a nice treat. SP kindly cracked the claws so all I had to do was use my tiny fork to get all the crab meat. We have plenty of risotto leftover. Tomorrow I will make the chicken to eat with the leftover risotto.
After dinner, we settled in to watch The Amazing Race and enjoy a dessert of pizzelles & hot orange-spice tea. I really enjoy our 'cooking Sundays' even if we're a bit tired after from all the cooking & cleaning up!

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