Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharp Edge Brasserie

Yesterday, SP & I were out & about doing lots of errands. We both got our hair cut (and in my case, colored!) and since we found ourselves, at noon, with a long list of chores still to accomplish, we decided we needed to fortify ourselves with food and drink. We were out in Peters Township, near the Radicchio's food store, which sadly is closing. It has been one of our sources for Boars Head lunch meat & cheese, which we cannot find at Giant Eagle. This means we were also near Sharp Edge Brasserie, a place we both enjoy but had not eaten at in quite some time.

We entered and found it pleasantly cool (it was humid and showered all day) and nearly empty. We settled in and ordered iced teas and, for SP, a Guinness 250. He said it was very good, but not as different from a regular Guinness as he would have hoped.

First up, an appetizer of provolone wedges. If there's anything better than cheese, it's fried cheese dipped in marinara. These wedges were very good - I think there were 7 wedges - and we quickly devoured them. Since we ordered the provolone wedges, we did not order the pommes frites, which is what we usually order. The pommes frites are very good and come with 3 dipping sauces.

Next up, a Mediterranean Veggie Panini (red pepper hummus, baby greens, tomato, red onion, black olives, artichoke, mushrooms, roasted red pepper & garlic herb aioli) for SP and a pizza for me. I wanted to try the roast beef, brie, and caramelized onion panini, but wanted the horseradish mayo on the side, which they cannot do because they make their panini ahead of time. We were surprised by this. So I settled on my usual - pizza. It's a wonderfully thin and crispy crust. I chose the tomato sauce (the other 2 choices are a white sauce and a basil pesto sauce) with green pepper, olives, and feta. Very tasty. SP enjoyed his panini and sweet potato fries.

We decided against dessert since we were quite full, but the trio of mousse sounded good (a trio of homemade mousses; raspberry, peach passionfruit & chocolate with fruit sauces & whipped cream) as did the creme brulee (vanilla hazelnut & chocolate stout topped with a crisp layer of caramelized sugar).

SP ate his entire meal, but I brought home half of my pizza for dinner.

Sharp Edge:

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