Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

This morning we checked the weather forecast on 4 different sites plus in the newspaper plus on the TV and finally decided the chance of rain was actually pretty darn low so we set off on a trip to the zoo. It was a nice, somewhat sunny, cool day. First we first saw the snow leopard, tiger, lions, the rhino, and then, the best part - the elephants. They were all outside today, even the baby, and some were playing in their water hole. As we rounded the last corner to the last viewing station for the elephants, we discovered that for a $10 donation to an elephant conservation fund, you could go right up next to an elephant and a zoo employee would take 2 photos with your camera for you!!! I just had to do this. SP & I got up next to the elephant, who was munching hay. As we arranged ourselves, she tried to 'eat' my purse! I now have a 'souvenir' of elephant trunk snot on my purse. But -best part - the elephant handler let me touch her trunk!!! I got to touch an elephant!! I have photographic proof!!! I am so happy right now!!!!!! The rest of the zoo was nice, but... nothing was as cool as being right next to an elephant!

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