Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Wonderful Wednesday Night

What a great game last night! The Penguins crushed the Capitals 6-2. Nice to not have a close game!! And afterward, the Lost finale.

Lost? Heck yes I'm lost. The Lost finale was great and yet - aarrrggghhh!!!!!! I have to wait until next January to find out who the guy on the beach is (the one who wants to kill Jacob) - he said that someday he'd find his loophole -- and then Jacob said to Locke "I guess you found your loophole" - ??!!!!! The fish Jacob caught & ate - a red herring! Is Jacob the bad one and unknown guy the good one? And 2 Locke's? On the same beach, one dead, one alive? Juliet was the only flashback not visited by Jacob - hmmmm. Who survives the bomb? Does it send them back to present day? Or leave them dead in 1977? So many questions answered, so many presented. "What about me?" "What about you?"

"They're coming."

8 months...

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