Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ceiling Fan

Today marks the one year anniversary of closing on our home. We've done a lot of work on the inside decor in the past year. On Friday, we took another step in eliminating the PINK that seemed to be everywhere in the house.

The master bedroom and dining room were tied for 'Biggest Pink Offender.' The dining room was painted entirely in pink, even the crown molding and chair rail, not to mention the drab light pink curtains and the pink glass chandelier. We re-painted the room in shades of green with white trim, hung white sheers, and replaced the chandelier with a Tiffany-esque one.

The master bedroom had pink walls, pink blinds, a pink floral wallpaper border, a pink light fixture, burgundy carpet, and mirrored closet doors. I still gag when I think of it! We ripped down the border and painted the walls 'Seaside Sand,' replaced the closet doors, got new light beige carpeting, bought white blinds, and on Friday, we finally replaced the ugly pink light fixture with a lovely ceiling fan.

The electrician came and ran some wires for us and got it all hooked up. I am glad we didn't try this on our own because it took the electrician and his partner 2 hours to run the wires and get it all connected. The fan will, hopefully, cool the room down in the afternoon when the sun shines in brightly and heats it up to 80-85 degrees.

We love our new ceiling fan. Friday night, we got in bed and just watched it whirl around for a while!! It was great! The gentle breeze was wonderful! Finally, the room is rid of pink!!!

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