Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cherry Jam Crostata

Tonight we made desserts for tomorrow's Father's Day picnic. The first dessert we made is from the June 2009 issue of Bon Appetit and is called 'Cherry Jam Crostata.' It's very simple - the filling is just cherry jam, almond extract, and grated lemon peel.

The crust is very easy to make in the food processor. We let it chill for 2-3 hours, but after he rolled it out, SP couldn't get it into the tart pan. It stuck to the parchment paper and then ripped and there were sections with no overhang to fold in for a double-thick side. We had to use some of the lattice top crust strips to pad the sides. He was not pleased and muttered about next time we're just buying a refrigerated pie crust. What fun is that?! We wonder if the dough should chill overnight, even though the recipe says 'at least an hour and up to a day.'

Of course, the lattice part didn't go much better. This was the first time I ever made a lattice crust top. It might be the only time. To start with, SP cut the strips much wider than half an inch so I was cross with him. Then, he didn't position them properly and there was too much overhang on the edge where we started which meant there was not enough dough to get to the other side. Not to mention that while I was holding parts of the strips and trying to weave, the dough strips were heating up from my fingers and getting stickier and breaking in half... it was not a pretty sight.

The crostata finished baking about 15-20 minutes earlier than the 55 minutes listed in the recipe. Our crust was quite brown and the cherry jam part was bubbling and oozing, so we took it out.

It doesn't look pretty, but what matters is the taste. That I will have to report on after tomorrow's picnic. I can say that we baked the leftover lattice strip bits and munched on them all night - they were quite tasty!

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