Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fish Again!!!

I ate fish again tonight. That's twice in a week. Tonight we had salmon. To my surprise, it was quite tasty. I may actually start to look forward to fish night.

We soaked a cedar plank in water - it got real 'exciting' this afternoon when we discovered the soaking container had a leak and it was slowly leaking water all over the kitchen counter and floor - fortunately, we discovered the leak before leaving to do errands. Like the little fish in the corner of the plank?! SP covered the salmon with lemon slices, placed it on the plank, and grilled it. Then we spread a mixture of creme fraiche and chives over the fish. It was delicious!
SP also grilled a white onion and some more CSA zucchini. I felt so healthy again!! Just like last Tuesday!! So of course, it's totally OK that I ate a candy bar for dessert and snacked on pie dough scraps all evening.

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