Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's getting kind of scary: I ate fish again tonight. Tilapia, done the usual way (on the grill with butter, lemon, and dill). I sure hope all these Omega-3 fish dinners are lowering my cholesterol!

As our sides, we finished the cow's milk cheddar from last week's CSA.
SP finished the cucumbers & tomatoes in vinegar. I made myself a cucumber & tomato salad in a sour cream-balsamic vinegar-dill-black pepper dressing.
Yum! SP even liked it, and he's not a huge fan of sour cream unless it's in a dip.

And since I ate so healthy, I can have a small piece of Cherry Jam Tart and a small piece of Moist Chocolate Cake!!!!

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  1. Too bad tilapia doesn't have much in the way of Omega-3's. ;) And even if it did, I doubt the butter on it, the cheese, the sour cream in the salad, or the tart did you any favors. But hey, who's counting? :P