Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

After seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we walked over to Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. SP has been wanting to try this place since it opened, and T has been there a few times. T likes the beers but thinks the food is so-so.

We walked in and were in line behind a couple waiting to be seated. It was about 5 minutes before a hostess appeared and seated the couple, asking them,"Outside, beer hall, or dining room?" They chose an indoor table. When it was out turn, we asked to sit outside and were told there were no available tables outside - ? We opted for the dining room seating. The difference is, I think, the dining room is regular tables & chairs while the beer hall has long wood tables and wood benches. Our room was large and somewhat cavernous - I felt like I had to yell to be heard. Also, it was very bright and I found it necessary to wear my sunglasses inside so that I wouldn't squint (my eyes are sensitive to brightness and I was facing a window and it was a sunny day).

First up, drinks. SP tried to order the June beer "German Pilsner" but they were already out of it for the month so he settled for the special seasonal “Zwickelbier.” T ordered the Premium Lager. I got iced tea (don't like beer). Both enjoyed their beers.

We split an appetizer of soft pretzels with beer cheese. The pretzels looked a bit too dark to me but tasted fine, especially when doused in the beer cheese sauce, which was very tasty.SP ordered a cup of Spicy Sausage soup. He said it wasn't nearly spicy enough and he thought there was maybe some kind of beef or beef product in it (he doesn't eat beef).Our meals: T had Wurst on a Bun, choosing bratwurst on a bun with sauerkraut. He said it was OK, nothing special. SP had the Bauern Pretzel Sandwich - ham & swiss cheese on a sesame seed pretzel bun and topped with beer cheese. He said it was good, nothing special, and definitely big - he brought half of it home. I had the HofbrÀuhaus Hot Brown - turkey & ham served on a potato pancake topped with swiss cheese, beer cheese sauce, tomato, bacon, and parmesan. It was OK, nothing special. I thought the potato pancake would be shredded potato, sort of latke-like, I guess, and it was actually like a regular breakfast pancake, which was OK, but... it just seemed like something was missing. It was big, for me, and I brought half of it home.
All 3 of us agreed the fries were fine, but nothing special or different or unique, just regular fries.

We were too full for dessert.

Maybe the meals are better than the sandwiches, we just didn't want to order that much food. Our sandwiches were just OK. We'd go back again, but we wouldn't put it high on our list of places at which to eat.

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  1. I'd go back to try the other beers (I really did like that unfiltered lager, and their dunkel is good) but the food is definitely not the selling point. Next time maybe skip meals entirely and order a few of the appetizers -- the pretzels were certainly good enough to get again.