Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ice Invaders!!!

As a surprise, 'just because' present, I bought SP a tray of Ice Invaders ice cubes. I saw it in the current issue of Bon Appetit and immediately thought of SP -- he loves his game systems and gets a little boy kind of grin when he recalls playing Atari games like Space Invaders as a young boy. I think he likes his surprise present. We've been busy making trayfuls of Ice Invaders.

They are cute. They even have little eyeballs. However, I do agree with some reviewers that they are tiny ice cubes -- SP & I use almost an entire tray to chill our evening beverages. It seems impractical to expect to have only Ice Invader ice cubes for a gathering of friends - even if we made 4-5 trays a day for a week, I am confident we'd run out of Ice Invaders ice cubes.

But they are fun. They make us laugh every time we take out the tray. It's always good to have a giggle over something silly and frivolous.

Ice Invaders:

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  1. I love them. No, they're not the most practical for actually cooling drinks, but they're lots of fun. Perfect surprise gift -- thank you!