Monday, June 15, 2009

Lemon Pound Cake With Berries

My parents are returning to Las Vegas this week, so we had an early Father's Day celebration with my dad and grandpa this past Sunday. SP & I were in charge of dessert. We decided to make lemon pound cake with strawberries.

We made the cake Saturday afternoon. The recipe is from the September 2004 issue of Bon Appetit. It makes 2 loaves, so we took one to grandpa's and left it there and now we have an entire loaf for dessert this week. It's very easy to make.

We got all our ingredients ready before starting to mix. Sifted the flour, juiced and grated a lemon, and made sure to generously grease and flour both pans and line with parchment paper. Here's some before and after baking photos:

I think it's tasty enough without berries and whipped cream, but since it's strawberry time and SP found yummy strawberries at Simmons farm, we made strawberry sauce and topped it with whipped cream. Sorry, I forgot photos of the strawberry sauce and the finished dish!

Some comments at Bon Appetit include people claiming it erupted like a volcano while baking in the oven (I've made this 3 times and never had that happen) and advising to use glass instead of metal baking pans (I've always used metal and never had a problem). We also think it's lemony enough - though admittedly we always add extra zest to our dishes - but I wouldn't add more lemon juice to up the lemon flavor. We did, however, have the centers sink as it cooled. This has happened all 3 times. But the cake is done - in fact, baking it longer would make it too dry. The sunken center means that maybe it's not so pretty, but it's definitely cooked and tastes yummy. Once it's sliced and covered with berries and cream, you don't notice the sunken part.
It's moist and rich yet doesn't taste too heavy to me - yum!!! This one definitely stays on our list of successful/make again desserts!

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