Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moist Chocolate Cake

Originally we planned to make vanilla ice cream to go with the crostata. Unfortunately, when SP pulled out the ice cream maker and plugged it in to test it, it didn't work. So much for that idea!

Then we thought maybe pizzelles... but I kind of wanted a chocolate dessert so I thought of the brownie mix we have in the pantry... but if we were going to make a chocolate cake kind of thing, I really wanted Moist Chocolate Cake, a cake I love but that doesn't always love me back because it's so moist and rich. But, I reasoned, if we make it for guests, there won't be much, if any, leftover, and I won't be tempted to eat it all and then regret it when my tummy feels sick from too much moist chocolate cake!! It's a recipe from the May/June 2001 issue of a magazine called Quick Cooking (which I think no longer exists).

We settled on the moist chocolate cake. This cake is so simple!! You need to brew a cup of strong coffee, and while that is brewing, you can combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then add all the wet ingredients to the dry ones. The wet ingredients include coffee, buttermilk, eggs, vegetable oil, and vanilla. Using and electric mixer, beat everything together for 2 minutes. Then pour it into a greased & floured bundt pan and bake. The batter is very thin so it pours easily and spreads itself out around the bundt pan nicely.

It doesn't look so great in the photo. It doesn't look chocolaty and rich and moist. It looks dry and weak. I think maybe because I very generously greased and floured the non-stick bundt pan and the flour attached itself to the chocolaty goodness. I need to remember that when greasing & flouring for chocolate desserts, I can flour with cocoa powder so that the finished cake doesn't look like mine does in the photo! Hopefully, a sprinkling of powdered sugar will hide the 'floured' look.

Also, there's a wee part where it started to break when I took it out of the bundt pan. I think it's because the pan was still a bit hot for me to touch and when I lifted it off, I went a bit sideways instead of straight up because I wanted to set it down again quickly. Oops. Maybe we should whip up an icing or glaze to hide that?! Or I could just sample that part of the cake tonight...

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