Saturday, June 27, 2009

Otis the Groundhog & Critter Poop

We've known for some time that we moved into 'The Wild Kingdom' -- bunnies, raccoons, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, robins, blue jays, humming birds, wasps, bees, stinkbugs, silverfish, spiders, butterflies, moths, deer... Sometimes I find it hard to believe we live halfway between the city and the airport and no more than 2-3 minutes from 3 major highways!

A couple of weeks ago a snake was sunbathing on our front patio. Dad chased it away with the watering can - we were about to go out to dinner and no way was I setting foot outside with the snake lounging across the walkway.

Last week, SP found snake poo in the yard (he once had a pet snake and is familiar with what snake poo looks like - and fortunately for all concerned, his pet snake died peacefully in her tank about a month before we moved in together!!).

Thursday morning we discovered poop on our deck. Some critter climbed a flight of stairs, pooped at the very top on the deck, and left other poopy surprises and a pile of berries on a few of the steps. SP had the pleasure of using a shovel to scoop up the poop and then launch the poop off the deck, over the fence, and down the hill, where it will fertilize our jungle of poison ivy, wildflowers, trees and who knows what else.

Later that night, SP actually googled "critter poop." He's convinced our nocturnal poopy visitor was a raccoon.

Meanwhile, Otis the Groundhog came to visit us this morning. Last time he visited, he ate some lilies and checked out dad's rental car. This time, he just munched a few things and waddled back down the hill. Actually, we don't think this one is Otis - this one isn't nearly fat enough. But I did have a thought - maybe this one should be Otis, and maybe the other very fat one isn't fat but instead pregnant with groundhog babies...??? The groundhog is cute to watch and we're hoping it doesn't do anything to harm the house/deck.

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