Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vacation Day 3 - A Day In Dahlonega

Monday morning we met my parents and my niece in the Public Square in Dahlonega. The Public Square is very nice. There's shops and places to eat and places to sit and relax. We did some shopping in The General Store, the Humble Candle, High Cotton and many others. There were sweet smelling no burn candles in the candle shop and soaps and lotions at High Cotton. The General Store has many, many delicious sounding dressings, preserves, pickled goods, coffee, chutneys, BBQs and marinades.

After some shopping, we decided to eat lunch at Picnic Cafe & Dessertery. There's a couple of tables outside on the sidewalk as well as indoor seating. The five of us crowded around a table outside and ordered iced teas and lemonades. The iced tea is served with lime wedges instead of lemon wedges, a nice change of pace. We didn't want a huge lunch, so my parents and I each ordered a 'scoop of salad' served with toast points. The toast points are like huge croutons and very delicious and well-seasoned. I had a scoop of pimento-cheddar cheese salad. Dad ordered the apricot-chicken salad. Mom ordered the ham salad. My niece ordered macaroni & cheese with chips and animal crackers. SP ordered white bean chili in a bread bowl with fruit on the side. Everything was yummy.

After lunch, we decided to go inside ogle the desserts. As we were going in, the owner, whose daughter plays soccer with my niece, saw us and said hello. He's a very nice guy and he let my niece pick out a dozen cookies as a treat. The cookies are delicious. My favorite is a sugar cookie dipped in chocolate. SP loved the oatmeal and chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies. My niece enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies. There were also lemon sugar cookies and lime sugar cookies.

After lunch we did more shopping. My niece was our tour guide. I sampled fudge at The Fudge Factory and bought 3 truffles to try (Irish Cream, Coffee, and Champagne) - all were delicious. SP tried a chocolate covered cherry from Paul Thomas Chocolates. We poked our heads in the Ice Cream Parlor and ooohhed and aaahhhed over the treats.

Later that night, my brother used his regular charcoal grill to grill a pork roast on a spit - oh it was a tasty pork roast. We had BBQ sauce on the side and some tomatoes & cucumbers for a vegetable. Yum. Dessert was Picnic Cafe cookies and peach pie.

The evening was more C-L-R and Uno.

The Picnic Cafe & Dessertery:
Dahlonega General Store:

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