Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Annoying Poopy Critter

Otis the Groundhog and his friend(s) are cute and scamper away when they hear us. The bunnies hop away when they see us. The snake seems to have moved on to more exciting territory. But the poopy critter - it's becoming a real nuisance.

Tonight when SP brought the garbage can down from the top of the driveway (it was trash day) and secured it under the deck, behind a latched door, he discovered a nest of twigs under the deck and about the 'roof' of the trash can area. We are worried that a raccoon has decided to live under our deck. Plus, we think we see more poop on the main deck, not just on the stairs.

Whatever the poopy critter is, it's on my nerves. SP sprayed the nest with water from the hose while standing in the safety of a doorway to the basement in case a crazy, rabid critter burst forth. Nothing did, but we need to get rid of the nest, and that must be done during daytime as dusk/evening are when the critters like raccoons come out.

Meanwhile, we're googling 'raccoon nest' and 'how to get rid of raccoons.' We plan to leave the backyard motion sensor lights on and hopefully get to the store soon for some ammonia and maybe play a radio on the deck for a while since it seems that human voices bug raccoons. Wish us luck...

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