Sunday, July 5, 2009


Friday evening, after SP's sister and her husband and their 2 sons arrived, we met up with the rest of the family at Bravo for dinner. There were 13 people total, including the kids. Bravo is a chain, but it's one of the ones I prefer. There are several in the Pittsburgh area. We ate at the one in Robinson.

We all split 3 appetizers: 2 orders of chicken-bacon-spinach flatbread and 1 order of calamari. As Eastern PA Sister (EPAS) said, you can't go wrong with bacon. I thought the edges were a bit too charred, but it vanished quickly. The calamari also was tasty - I preferred dipping it in the marinara sauce to the horseradish sauce. The flatbread:
With so many people seated around a several pushed together tables, I could really only interact with my end of the table. SP's brother SL and I ordered Eggplant Parmesan. SL's significant other (SLSO) ordered Wood Grilled Salmon Salad. SP ordered Scallops on top of Lobster-Risotto Cake. SP's dad got Veal Parmesan and EPAS got Lasagna. SP's youngest nephew got the kids lasagna. All the portions are large - even the kid's lasagna. Almost everyone took home a portion of their meal.

Youngest Nephew really liked the bread. Bravo serves an herb bread with an olive oil dipping sauce. YN devoured 4-5 pieces of bread, so he was pretty full when his lasagna arrived and only ate a small portion of it. Lasagna for kids:
The lasagna for adults is twice the size of the lasagna for kids. EPAS enjoyed her lasagna.

I enjoyed my Eggplant Parmesan although as it turns out, there is garlic in the herb linguine. It wasn't enough to upset my stomach, thankfully, but my stomach was a little unhappy on Saturday after I ate the leftovers for lunch.
SP said his Scallops and Risotto Cake dish was good. SLSO liked her salad, she said the salmon was quite tasty, but she doesn't like tomatoes and she forgot to ask for no tomatoes. Unfortunately, the grape tomatoes were finely chopped and therefore hard for her to pick out. The only people to order dessert were me & SP. We split the Tiramisu, which I really like. I don't know if it's authentic tiramisu, but I enjoy Bravo's version: the spongy ladyfingers and coffee/cocoa flavor. When it arrived, I quickly claimed the espresso bean on top! Yum!I enjoy eating at Bravo. If I'm going to eat at a chain, it's definitely toward the top of my list.

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