Friday, July 3, 2009

Cabbage Concoction

Thursday evening, SP made himself something I'll call 'Cabbage Slop' or maybe 'Cabbage Concoction.' He sliced up the green CSA cabbage and CSA chard, tossed it in a saute pan, added some CSA green scallion, some spices/herbs (garam masala, cumin, cayenne, and a few others) and I'm really not sure what else, sauteed it all, and ate it for dinner. I'm sure there are others out there saying 'Yum!' but I am not one of them!!! I ate leftover chicken, toasted bread, and the CSA broccoli.


  1. Yum indeed. This appears to be a variation on how I'd said I was going to make this with my share of the CSA cabbage. :) Note that the only 'hot' spice in there is the cayenne, so if you're afraid of it being spicy, the heat level can easily be tailored to one's tastes when making this without having to worry about the end result being bland or flavorless. Oh yeah, the closest proper name for this would be cabbage subzi, which is the term used for any "dry" / sauceless Indian vegetable preparation. ;)

  2. BTW, this also looks much prettier / less slop-like if it's garnished with some chopped fresh cilantro (which also adds a nice flavor). I'm guessing you guys didn't have any on-hand when you made this, based on the absence of it in the above photo. :p

  3. Yup -- there was no fresh cilantro handy. There were some coriander seeds in there, but that's not quite the same flavor...