Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comfort Food - Grilled Cheese & Fudge

I'll be glad when July is over - it's turning out to be not a very good month! Following my grandfather's passing and the sewage pump problem, we have 2 new problems: the refrigerator (it makes a horrible groaning noise, like a monster) and dampness in the basement.

Problems must be solved, so SP and I decided to go shopping last night. But first, dinner. We had planned on grabbing a sub from DiBella's or Uncle Sam's for dinner, but then it rained and rained all day - yuck. I wanted to minimize my time out in the rain, so we decided to have a quick dinner at home. I made SP a wrap sandwich with turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, roasted red pepper, tomato, and micro greens (radish).

I made myself a grilled cheese - Cellone's Italian bread, Swiss, turkey, ham, and tomato. Grilled cheese is supposed to be a quick meal, right? But I think the key to a really good grilled cheese is cooking it slowly, which can take time. I preheated the griddle while assembling the sandwiches so it was nice and hot. I cooked the first side very low, for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, I cheated and turned the heat up a wee bit to finish the first side, then flipped it and cooked the second side. Fortunately, I cooked it low enough and long enough that it was a nice golden brown, heated all the way through to the tomatoes, and had gooey cheese. Yum.After eating, we dumped all the dishes in the sink and headed off to Sears.

We've discovered that replacing the refrigerator is going to be a bit tricky. The previous owners built cabinets around the refrigerator and now we are limited to 35.5 inches wide and 68 inches high. This is a problem as most refrigerators (OK, the ones we really like and that are well reviewed at Consumer Reports) are 69-70" high. Also, 36" wide will be scraping against the cabinet walls - the space wall-to-wall is 36".

We took our measuring tape on the shopping trip and took lots of measurements and made lots of notes in a notebook. This morning, we called C, the guy who did some work on the house for us last year. Hopefully, he'll have some time next week to come out and see about modifying the existing space to make it bigger for a bigger & better refrigerator.

Please, please don't die, current refrigerator...

Yesterday morning, Mom & I cleaned out/organized the laundry room. That means we were in the basement. The basement is also where the guest room is and the second full bathroom. And yesterday it was where we found mold on furniture in the guest room, damp boxes in the laundry room, and a very wet floor in the bathroom. Not good. So while we were at Sears, we bought dehumidifiers, one for the guest room (we have to keep the guest room door closed because of the cats; they aren't declawed and seem to take extra delight in scratching furniture and the guest room furniture is actually my parents' furniture that they didn't take when they moved to Las Vegas) and one for the rest of the basement.

(the cats, about 7 years ago in SP's apt)

Hopefully the dehumidifiers will help keep things dry. I will be very unhappy if the furniture in the guest room gets mold on it again or if the boxes of Christmas decorations get all moldy and mildewy, not to mention all SP's spare computer stuff and all his electronic gadgets and toys like PlayStation.

As for the bathroom, well we've been meaning to rip out the carpet and re-tile the floor. Who carpets a bathroom? Strange people, those previous owners. With all the guests we've had in July and all the showering and the damp basement and July humidity/rain, the wet drips from showers are not drying and there's wet splotches on the carpet. I thought maybe one of the cats peed on the carpet!!! Under the carpet is ugly pink tile flooring, but our best bet might be to clean/disinfect the pink tile rather than the expense of re-tiling the bathroom. In addition to checking out our kitchen refrigerator space, we're having C look at our basement bathroom.

We went to a couple of other stores last night, taking more refrigerator measurements and notes and, for me, getting refrigerator data all jumbled in the brain. When we got home, my parents helped us set up the dehumidifiers. Then they went to bed and we decided it was time for a calming, de-stressing snack.

That's right. It was iced tea time and fudge time. Kennywood fudge. Ahhhhhh....

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