Monday, July 27, 2009

Critter Identified!!!!

The most exciting part of the weekend: my brother ID-ed the poopy critter. He decided to sleep on the couch in the basement. He also knew all about our 'wild kingdom' and the nocturnal poopy visitor. As he was settling into bed, the motion sensor lights came on outside. So he investigated. And he saw A RACCOON!!!!!!!

It feels nice to know for sure. A confirmed sighting. My brother scared it away by tapping on the window. Unfortunately, he didn't have the camera nearby to photograph the poopy perp in action.

I guess that 'critter rid' sprinkle we put on the lawn isn't scaring the raccoon.

In other critter news, we saw a new critter! Critters, actually. Previously, we've only seen deer tracks. But Friday afternoon, my mom & I saw 2 fawns out back wandering through our yard and driveway. All photos were taken through the kitchen window:And one more groundhog photo - he was up on his hind legs!

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