Sunday, July 19, 2009

Croissant Sandwiches

Yesterday was very busy. SP & I painted the sunroom. Truthfully, he did most of it. I just did some cut-in work around the windows, sliding doors to the deck, & baseboards and painted some brick next to the sliding doors to the dining room. Yes, brick -- the sunroom is an addition so 2 of the walls are brick. Fortunately, the previous owners painted the brick white, so we didn't have to worry as much about the brick absorbing paint like a sponge and thus requiring more than 2 coats. The old paint was sort of like a primer.

Anyway, between 2 coats of paint and cleaning up the sunroom and errands for groceries & such, the day whizzed by. Since we were so busy, dinner needed to be easy & quick & yummy. We made scrambled eggs with cheese, fresh basil, tomato, and Italian ham on croissants. SP also had a salad - tomatoes from Costco and lettuce & cucumber from last week's CSA. I tasted the cucumber since I thought we got poona kheera cucumbers in the CSA and I have never tried that type of cucumber. However, the one I peeled was green, not yellow/gold in color, but I think they can also be green-? Maybe I am mistaken? Maybe it was just a regular, but short & fat, cucumber. It was tasty, and crunchy despite feeling a bit squishy when I peeled it. The egg croissant was enough for me! The croissants are from Costco's bakery. I haven't had a croissant in a very long time and I'm sure these weren't as good as croissants from a French bakery, but they were still tasty, buttery, flaky goodness. Buying croissants at Costco is good & bad. Good because we got 12 croissants for a bit under $6. Bad because we have 12 croissants to eat! We ate 2 for dinner, decided to leave 4 out for the coming week, and froze the other 6. I always wrap each bun/english muffin/croissant in half a paper towel and then put them in a freezer bag. I like to think the paper towel helps absorb moisture when it thaws so that it doesn't end up too wet/moist/mushy. I think it helps, but maybe I jut don't want to admit my idea doesn't really work!! I also only freeze these kinds of items in a single layer and I take them out to thaw the morning I plan to eat them - I think frozen & thawed buns/english muffins are too dry and tough if they are thawed too far in advance. Yum.

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