Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CSA Week #14

This week's CSA looks really tasty! Leeks, green cabbage, zucchini, peaches, basil, lettuce, sugar snap peas, candy onions, salad mix, and poona kheera cucumbers (they originated in India). I decided that in addition to a photo of everything on the counter, I'd also take some close-ups. Everything looks extra yummy this week! We had leftover pork-potatoes-zucchini/snap peas for dinner and SP sauteed some CSA greens in cider vinegar & honey. I tried a bit and discovered that I still don't like the taste of cabbage treats!!! The sauteed greens:After dinner we split a CSA peach and a nectarine from Costco. The peaches are very tasty and will be even tastier after a day in a brown bag.

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