Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday - The Rotisserie

Last Thursday is a hazy memory - mostly I thought of grandpa and got the house ready for our visitors. SP & I stayed up late so that we could pick my parents up at the airport. Unfortunately, their 'supposed to land at 11:30 pm Thursday night' flight ended up landing at 1:16 am Friday morning - grumble grumble!!

Friday my dad went over to grandpa's, SP mowed and did errands, and mom & I sat around and waited for my brother. He drove up from GA with my niece - his wife and son stayed in GA. My nephew is only 4 years old, not really old enough to understand a funeral.

In spite of the reason for my family coming into town, we were joking and laughing Friday afternoon & evening. We decided that it was time for SP & I to get that rotisserie for the grill that we've been discussing. The 3 engineers put it together. Yes, mine is a family of engineers, but those smart math and science genes skipped me!!! My grandpa was an electrical engineer, as was my dad (he's retired now), my brother is a material science engineer, and SP is a computer engineer.

Then we got the chickens on the rotisserie. SP bought 2 roasting chickens at Costco and seasoned them with orange & lemon zest plus some salt and stuffed the bald orange and lemon as well as some onion inside. Here they are, just put on the grill: After rotating a few times, we noticed the chickens were falling apart!!! The 'stuffing' was sliding out and the legs and wings were starting to dangle/fall off!!! This prompted a quick dash out to the store for string since we couldn't find any in the house (my cross-stitch floss doesn't count as chicken string!!). SP and my brother came back with some string from the meat counter at the grocery store and trussed up the chickens! Here they are, trussed up and cooked:
Meanwhile, mom roasted potatoes in the oven - she sprinkled them with some seasoned salt and a bit of olive oil: She also made a cucumber & tomato salad with an olive oil-red wine vinegar vinaigrette: And she made a foil package of fresh green beans which we put on the grill for about 35 minutes for some tasty cooked on the grill green beans.Dessert was some cookies from Costco:These are tasty soft chocolate cookies with a creamy ho-ho like white filling. Yum!

Soon after eating, SP and my niece disappeared into the basement for some Rock Band. She was really enjoying the drums. My brother joined them while my parents and I hung out upstairs, listening to the band in the basement!! It was a very nice Friday even though our minds were on grandpa.

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  1. Dear blue eleaphant and SP your food blog is great! Whenever I look at the foods I get hungry. I had the best time at summer camp. It was so great! How are you, SP and the cats doing? Talk to you later!
    Love, Britt