Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fruit Tart & July 4

Friday evening, after over-eating at Bravo, we came home and made a fruit tart for the July 4 BBQ. We found the recipe in The Joy of Cooking. SP made the shortbread crust, EPAS made the vanilla custard filling, and I read aloud the directions/ingredients. EPAS's husband and 2 kids watched car racing and played Nintendo DS games!

I was so busy making sure I read the recipes aloud correctly that I neglected to take photos of the process. SP made the crust in the food processor and added the optional lemon zest. It was supposed to bake for 18-22 minutes, but ours was done around 17-18 minutes.

EPAS made the vanilla custard filling. We opted to use a vanilla bean instead of adding vanilla extract at the end. Both parts were wrapped and set aside - we didn't want to assemble it until just before serving.

I washed the berries Saturday afternoon before everyone arrived - blueberries and strawberries. I sliced the strawberries so we could fan them out on the tart.

After dinner, I poured the chilled cream custard into the tart shell. It seemed kind of lumpy and thick at first, but after working it around to evenly fill the tart it seemed OK. Then SP and I added the berries, plus a few cherries.

The tart was delicious. You could taste the lemon peel in the shortbread crust. The vanilla custard had flecks of vanilla bean goodness and a nice, smooth, creamy texture. We would definitely make this again. In fact, just before fireworks, SP & I noticed that there was one remaining piece. We grabbed some forks and dove in... after all, extra dessert helpings are allowed on a holiday!!

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