Monday, July 13, 2009

Honey-Roasted Pork Tenderloin

What a busy weekend! Fortunately, we were able to find time to cook a wonderful Sunday meal, with leftovers for the week.

Friday evening we took inventory of the freezer and decided that we would thaw and cook the pork tenderloin. We decided to use the Honey-Roasted Pork with Greens recipe from Bon Appetit. This is the second time we've made this dish. We modify it a wee bit, and we haven't made the sauteed greens with it.

Sunday afternoon we made the marinade. We cut the recipe in half since we weren't using 4 lbs of pork. We also didn't use a boneless pork rib roast - we used the pork tenderloin that Costco sells. The marinade ingredients:
We don't have ground coriander but we do have coriander seeds, so SP tosses the seeds in his 'coffee grinder for spices' and grinds them.

SP was busy cleaning up after painting the sunroom ceiling and trying to mow the small patch of yard he didn't mow on Friday, so I was in charge of 'basting occasionally' the marinating pork. After a bit more than an hour of marinating & basting, we poured off and reserved the marinade, stuck the meat thermometer in, and put the pork in the oven. The recipe calls for periodically adding the poured off marinade along with chicken broth or water. We added water, mostly because the amount required was not enough for us to want to open up a big box of broth. We also heated the reserved marinade in a small saucepan until boiling, just to kill any raw pork germs.

Then it was time for a cocktail! SP made me an 'orange thing' but since we don't have any peach schnapps, he added mango schnapps from one of those wee tiny bottles he found lurking in the liquor cabinet. For himself, he poured some of the leftover mojito from Father's Day. I was feeling a bit hungry since I had a smaller than usual lunch, so I got out the leftover Amish cheese for a snack. As we sipped our drinks and nibbled on cheese, we also washed and chopped potatoes and onions for roasting. The potatoes were CSA red potatoes from a few weeks ago and they were very sprouty!!! We picked off the sprouts and I peeled them to make sure all the yucky looking eyebally sprouts were gone. The potatoes were a bit soft, but not too soft, and tasted fine after we roasted them. We tossed the potatoes & onions in olive oil and sprinkled them with some black pepper and some fresh (well, 2-3 week old) CSA thyme. SP decided to roast the last of our sweet potatoes - it was getting a bit soft, too. I'm not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. We washed it and pricked it all over with a fork then tossed it in the oven - nothing fancy. He didn't even add his usual cinnamon-sugar after it baked - just a bit of butter. Soon enough, the meat thermometer registered 150. We left it in a wee bit longer - remember, I can't eat any meat with even a hint of pink so we like to be sure it's done - and then took it out and covered it with foil. The cooking time was less than the recipe says since we did a tenderloin, not rib roast, and not 4 lbs of pork - a very good reason to use a meat thermometer! While the pork rested, SP sauteed last week's CSA zucchini & sugar snap peas. He sauteed them in olive oil, black pepper, and salt. SP cooked the snap peas the perfect amount of time. They weren't too mushy, weren't too hard, they were just right and had lots of flavor. They were delicious! The zucchini was cooked the perfect amount of time, too. Then, SP got his favorite knife and sliced the tenderloin - looks sooo good!!!
This is definitely a favorite marinade of ours. The honey & olive oil combine for a nice glaze on the pork while the additional lemon, thyme, & coriander flavors further enhance the taste. I'm sure it would be tasty on sauteed greens as well, we just never seem to have the greens when we want to make the pork! I suppose the snap peas & zucchini could count as greens - they are green veggies!!! They paired nicely with the pork and potatoes. Yum!


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