Friday, July 17, 2009

Hoppy Critters & Pizza

Our dinner wasn't very exciting tonight. Frozen pizza. I added some sliced tomato and fresh basil in an effort to make it more exciting, but... It was OK.

Meanwhile, our 'Critter Rid' granules may be keeping evil raccoon away (or else it's the motion sensor lights) but not the bunnies. They must like our high grass!! There were several hoppy visitors today. Two this morning in the back by the driveway: and one this afternoon on the front walkway (warning - cell phone photo):
I sat at the living room window and watched the bunny nibble on grass for 15 minutes today. The rain didn't faze him - he just kept nibbling away. Cute! As long as he stays outside.

Meanwhile, the anti-raccoon stuff may also keep the groundhogs away. I'm hoping not since I enjoy watching Otis, but... more important to keep the bad raccoon away!

Rain today means no mowing tonight which means SP is continuing prepping the sunroom for painting tomorrow. I am anxious to see how the color I picked out looks on the walls. Two of the walls are brick (the sunroom is part of an addition) so he's busy dusting/cleaning the brick and sanding patched areas.

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