Monday, July 6, 2009

More food!!

Sunday was the last day to visit with EPAS and her family. EPAS made us waffles in the morning and we ate leftover berries on them - so good! Usually I limit myself to hot tea and a yogurt in the morning. The waffles & berries were a tasty splurge.

SP and I were extremely happy to shower and wash the grill grease smoke smell out of our hair. We also did some laundry - our clothes smelled horrible, too!!!

Sunday afternoon the family met up at SP's dad's place for more fun & food!!! There were lots of snacks - shrimp cocktail, pepper jack cheese and Carr's crackers, veggies and onion dip, chips and salsa. And wine. Sunday was Merlot. Yum. It was great to sit outside at the picnic table and graze on snacks.

CSA brother was in charge of grilling the ribs, chicken, asparagus... I think the corn on the cob was not grilled, and I think the cheesy potatoes were baked in the oven. Dessert was crepes filled with blueberries and bananas and some grilled peaches - yum!!! SP's dad and I love blueberries. In the summer months, he and I often linger at the table after dinner & dessert, eating blueberries.

I guess the Merlot made me forget to take my camera out and take photos. Seems to be a trend this past weekend! Or maybe it's just that I was too busy laughing and joking with SP, his dad, EPAS and her husband - they are so funny and personable. It was so great to see them and to have them stay with us for the weekend. I think we were the ones who were outside the most on Sunday - YS and her SO, SL & SLSO, CSA brother, and the nephews were inside a lot, involved in Rock Band. The nephews apparently love playing Eye of the Tiger on Rock Band!!! They played some catch outside, too. I think also that the youngest member of the family, the 15 month old, didn't like being out in the sun, and he doesn't like grass, so he was happier inside!!!

So much food and fun. Now it's time to recover, and maybe diet a bit, maybe eat a little healthier for a week before SP's mom arrives for a visit.

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