Monday, July 20, 2009

Pasta Salad

I've been grumbling ever since 3 pm when I discovered we had no water. I called the water company and they confirmed that there was a water main break (about 3 doors down from our house) and that 'we're working on it.' Grumble grumble. So much for that afternoon cup of tea.

So I sat in my comfy chair and tried not to think about the lack of running water. I could hear the jackhammers and people shouting & pounding down the street. I periodically checked, but no water. I watched Anthony Bourdain Sri Lanka and the evening news and watched the rain come down and ruin hopes of mowing this evening - not to mention hopes of grilling red peppers. Still no water. Dinner time was fast approaching...

Tonight we planned to have pasta salad for dinner. Fortunately, SP cooked the pasta and asparagus before work this morning. Unfortunately, no water meant I couldn't wash tomatoes and fresh basil for the pasta salad. So, on his way home from work, SP stopped at the store and bought some huge containers of water so we were able to wash the tomatoes. We decided to use dried basil instead of fresh.

We quickly assembled the pasta salad: seashell pasta, asparagus, tomato, thawed pre-cooked shrimp, dried basil & parsley, black pepper, olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. It was delicious! We used about 1 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice. We almost never measure herbs or pepper - we just add until it looks right to us!!!And, of course, to top it off: grated parmesan cheese. At the end of dinner, we were picking at the pasta salad and I took a last forkful of seashell pasta, placed it on my plate, and proceeded to grate cheese over the one forkful of pasta. SP thought that was amusing and took a photo:Pasta & cheese - comfort foods on an annoying day.

We still have no water. That made dinner clean up easy - all we could do was stack dishes on the counter.

I really hope we get our water back soon. I'd rather not use our huge containers of water on the toilet, but it's becoming difficult resisting the urge to use the bathroom...


  1. A cup of oil? Whoo boy, I hope you didn't actually use that much. Then again, you didn't say how much pasta salad you made - if that was for a full lb of uncooked pasta, then that's not quite as absurd, though it'd still be on the high side considering 1 cup of oil = ~1900 calories and a lb of uncooked pasta is ~1700. ;) It does look tasty though. :)

  2. SP predicted you'd say that about the oil!!! We did cook a lb of pasta, but only made half for last night (saved the other half for tomorrow's dinner). Sadly, I think we did pour all the olive oil-lemon dressing onto the half pound of pasta, 1/2 lb asparagus, tomato, & shrimp...

  3. Oops, sorry - SP says we used only half the dressing, so 1/2 cup EVOO & 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice on 1/2 lb pasta plus veggies.

  4. Mmm, your pasta salad looks awesome! :)

    For some reason my water keeps getting shut off during the day too... luckily by the time I get home it's back on (but for the first few seconds it's that icky brown sludge stuff). I think it has something to do with road work a block away...