Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roasted Red Peppers

Last night around 9:30 a trickle of brown water came out of the kitchen sink. By 10:30, full pressure was restored and we ran all the faucets to flush out the brown color. The water was back! Yay!

I quickly rinsed dishes and loaded the dishwasher, finally used the bathroom, and got ready for bed. I was deep in a blissful slumber when suddenly, something intruded. A smell. Sniff sniff. Did I get dinner of my nightgown? No, wait, didn't eat in my nightgown. Sniff. Snuggle deeper into covers. It'll go away. Sniff sniff. Is SP making dinner? No, wait, it's probably like 7 am. Sniff. What is that smell? Is he adding sun dried tomatoes to his lunch? Did something spill? What the... hey! The bed is shaking!!!!

"Time to get up sleepyhead." My groggy eyes opened & focused on a grinning SP, shaking the bed to wake me up. "I can't believe you slept through all the noise! I roasted the red peppers under the broiler so they're all ready for tonight. I even took photos so you can blog about it."

To be fair, I sleep with ear plugs (SP says he doesn't snore, but how would he know? He's asleep. I'm the one listening to the snorts and wheezes!) so I didn't hear any kitchen noise. Here's SP's photos from the early morning red pepper roasting. He roasted them under the broiler since we had 5 peppers to roast. They're all ready for pizza night.

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