Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday - Funeral, Bocktown, & Oakland

Saturday morning was tough. I'm not sure if what happened is amusing or not, but it sort of turned into 'Where's Waldo?' My grandpa's name is Walter and sometimes he was called Wally or Waldo. Saturday morning we all thought the funeral home was the same as the one for my grandma (my aunt made all the arrangements). My parents left the house before we did and called us from in the car -- they couldn't find grandpa!! Turns out, it wasn't the same funeral home! The obituary listed the funeral home but not an address. My aunt/uncle weren't answering their cell phones. And that's my family - it's not a big family at all. So my parents were driving around trying to find the funeral home (we knew it was in Carnegie) and we were at home trying to find an address on the internet... In the end we found grandpa.

It was sad, I cried, others cried, SP hugged me, and then it was over and the 8 of us went out for lunch.

We just wanted sandwiches and a beer/cocktail, so we went to Bocktown Beer & Grill in Robinson. We pushed some tables together and sat in front of the wall of cold beers!!! There are a lot of beers at Bocktown - here's a photo of just a few beers on a menu sheet:

My niece and I had iced tea/lemonade. SP got East End Blackstrap Stout beer (his second beer was Victory) while my dad and brother got lighter beers. Mom had wine, and I am not sure about my aunt/uncle. SP really liked his beer.

We ordered 3 flat belly orders of the fresh cut fries. The fries come in 3 sizes: flat belly, beer belly, and the yinzer. They come with 2 toppings included - and there are a lot from which to choose - although you can order more toppings for an additional charge. SP & I got beer cheese & jalapeno, my brother & niece got cheddar & provolone, and my aunt/uncle/mom/dad split beer cheese and bacon fries. Yum!!

SP ordered a salad - leave it to him to be the sort of healthy one!! He chose the Tomato Pepper Vinaigrette for his dressing - it has chunks of peppers in it.
(below photos: SP's East End beer & his salad)

For my sandwich, I chose the Penn Dark Pot Roast. The meat is roasted in beer & BBQ then shredded and placed on a bun with cheese. It was very tasty and I ate all of it!!! SP chose the Grilled Rachel, a Reuben with smoked turkey. He thought it was very good, and he ate the whole thing! Mom had the Roast Beef Dip and said it was quite tasty. She especially liked the dipping au jus.

My niece, dad, and brother got wings. There are several kinds of wings: hot, mild, BBQ, sweet heat, garlic parmesan, dry rub, and naked. My brother got hot wings while dad and niece got mild wings. My niece tried her dad's hot wings and after one and a half hot wings switched back to her mild wings! Dad said the mild wings were too spicy for him, but he's a bit of a spice wimp like me. My brother liked his and said they were hot but not too hot. I know SP ate the leftovers and I am sure they weren't too hot for him!!!

(photos below, clockwise from top L: fries with beer cheese & jalapenos, pot roast sandwich, mild wings, the rachel.)

No dessert for any of us - the fries and sandwiches were enough.

On the drive home from Bocktown, my brother noticed the Uncle Sam's Subs in Robinson and started reminiscing about his days as a college student at Pitt in Oakland. That got SP started reminiscing about his CMU days. Before niece and I knew it, they were sharing stories of their college days and restaurants and bars in Oakland. We felt left out - my niece is only 10 and I went to college in central PA!!

When we got home, everyone napped (except for SP - he finished mowing!). Around 4:30 we woke up and decided we should get up and move and do something! So SP, brother, niece, and I took a trip to Oakland.

SP drove us around and my brother noticed how much things have changed since his college days. We drove around Pitt, around CMU, through Schenley Park, past one of my brother's old apartments (the one with the cockroaches & rats!!) and then stopped at the Cathedral of Learning and took my niece inside.

I think she really enjoyed seeing it and walking around, trying to choose a study nook!! Her dad showed her the spot where he always studied. It was nice to be in the CoL -- it had been a while. When my brother and I were growing up, my parents took both of us to all the home Pitt football games, back when they played at Pitt Stadium and we hiked up Cardiac Hill, as I think it was nicknamed, and back when Dan Marino was at Pitt. When it was cold outside, we would go to the CoL before the game and sit inside to stay toasty before heading up the hill.

After checking out the CoL, we walked over to Dave & Andy's for ice cream. It smells so yummy when you walk in!! The waffle cones are soooo good! For ice cream, I chose chocolate chip. After I finished my cone, I noticed the Blueberry-Lime Sorbet in the lower right corner of the chalkboard menu and was sad because if I'd noticed that flavor earlier, I would have chosen it. Oh well - next time. My niece got cookies & cream, SP had a vanilla bean golden ale and my brother had wildberry crumble. Everyone said 'yummy yummy ice cream.'

And of course, the M&M treat in the bottom of the cone was wonderful!!!

After filling up on ice cream, we decided to drive up Mount Washington so my niece could see the city from up there. It was around 8-8:30 pm and Saturday was not a sunny day but I still love the view of Pittsburgh from up there. We also took a quick driving tour of the South Side so that my brother could see the new parts (South Side Works) and then went home where once again SP, niece, and brother played Rock Band until around midnight!

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  1. Thanks for the nice reviews of Bocktown! Sorry for your loss. Stop back for a celebration next time! Chris