Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Morning With the Groundhogs

We slept in late this morning. When we finally made it into the kitchen, we discovered not one but two groundhogs munching on SP's freshly mowed grass! I know it's probably not a good thing to have a bunch of groundhogs in the backyard, but they're so cute! We sat at the table and gazed out at them as they munched the grass. Otis has a friend. Odette? SP took some photos through the window.We think we had another nocturnal poopy visitor. There's 2 suspicious brown/black blobs on the deck stairs. Sigh. SP will be investigating later. Right now we're involved in laundry, showering, and he's inspecting his 2 stings from last night when he mowed over a buried nest of stinging nasties. He sprayed the hole and hopefully killed them, but he does have 2 small welts. Here's a photo of the suspiciously poop-like blobs -- there's 2, one in the middle of the break in the steps and then one in the right rear of the break in the steps:
Sigh. More critter poop.

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