Monday, July 20, 2009

Solo Sunday

Yesterday, SP went to KennyKon so I was home alone. I started the day off with the Sunday newspaper and my usual breakfast of Constant Comment tea and Dannon Light & Fit yogurt.
I really enjoy my Sunday morning newspaper ritual. SP gets annoyed with me because I get annoyed when my ritual is disrupted!! First, I sort through the ads, reading some, cutting out coupons in others. Then, I dissect the main sections, first removing the 'boring' sections like the classifieds and jobs. I glance at the real estate section and read about the featured house. Next up, the comics, followed by Parade Magazine, then the rest of the paper, ending with the Forum section and the crossword puzzles.

After reading the paper and having breakfast, I tidied up the kitchen, showered, did some other random stuff (like sitting in the sunroom, admiring the newly painted pretty yellow walls!), and then it was lunch time. With a few exceptions (like leftover pizza days) I have the same lunch every day: turkey lunch meat & Swiss cheese on a toasted 100 calorie english muffin with a bit of Hellman''s mayonnaise. Yesterday was a bit of an exception since I ate a croissant instead of english muffin.
Usually, I have a glass of orange juice (for extra calcium & vitamin D as well as vitamin C) but since we've been eating so much, I have been skipping the OJ to save a few calories and instead taking 2 calcium pills a day. To wash down my sandwich and calcium pill & multivitamin: peach iced tea sweetened with some simple syrup. I usually eat while doing computer stuff.

Yesterday afternoon, I was bit by a cleaning bug - sort of literally! After my shower, I discovered a wee hopping spider in my make-up drawer. Ewww yuck. Naturally, every time I moved in for the kill, it hopped deeper into the drawer. Well, that was it -- I had to clean the drawers. So after lunch, everything came out of the drawers and the Clorox Wipes came out to disinfect and clean. I spent a good 30-45 minutes cleaning out my bathroom drawers - washing both the drawers and everything inside them. It's kind of amazing (annoying) how make-up seems to wind up on everything or how strands of hair cling to everything in sight!

Then, of course, I had to clean the sink, toilet, floor... We have so many random bugs that seem to get in the house and I know my home is far from filthy but the bugs, they just make me feel so unclean. Centipedes (which cause me to shriek in terror like the scared wimpy girlie girl I am - all those legs eeewwwww), wee hopping spiders. black crawling spiders, daddy long legs, other spiders, small gnats, wasps that get inside... UGH!

Well after all that work I deserved a treat: a chocolate chip cookie from Costco's bakery. I made a cup of cinnamon stick tea and another glass of iced peach tea, took my teas & cookie into the living room and settled into my recliner for an afternoon of TV and cross-stitch.

OK, technically I took cookies in, but I only ate one.

I watched some recorded TV - Samantha Brown travel shows from Travel Channel, an Anthony Bourdain No Reservations in Vietnam. Then I watched Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. It wasn't very good. In fact, I found it annoying & overly silly. I started cross-stitching during the movie! Definitely not as entertaining as the first Madagascar movie.

Dinner was a flatbread pizza. SP roasted the red pepper for me Saturday night. It was raining by the time we got around to the red peppers, so he roasted it on the gas range, something I would never trust myself to do!! Hopefully we can roast the other 5 peppers outside on the grill tonight. They are much tastier when roasted on the grill.SP bought whole wheat flatbread at Costco. I spread some olive oil on the flatbread and when I chopped the artichokes I also drizzled a bit of the artichoke juice on the flatbread. Then I piled on roasted red pepper, sun-dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, kalamatas, feta, some leftover taco cheese (cheddar & jack), and some fresh basil. I baked it at 400 for about 6-7 minutes and had a tasty dinner! The edges were nice & crispy. The center crust was a bit soft - I would probably not brush olive oil on the flatbread in the future if I add artichokes & fresh tomato since both are 'wet' ingredients.After cleaning up from dinner, it was time for more tea - hot Constant Comment and iced peach - plus another cookie. I settled back into my comfy chair and called my brother - he's been a bachelor for the past 2 weeks since his wife and their 2 children are in Argentina for his wife's mother's 60th birthday bash (his wife is from Argentina; her parents and her brother still live there while her sister lives here in the US in the same town in GA). He says it was nice for the first 2 days but now he's bored, lonely, and the house is way too quiet!

I spent the remainder of the evening reading more of the book I started. I finished The 8th Confession around 10:30. The 8th Confession is the 8th book in the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson. I was pretty disappointed in it. The plot ideas seemed pretty good, but something was lacking. Maybe I was tired of the 'Lindsay sometimes moons over her partner while having the perfect guy at home waiting for her to say yes to his marriage proposal' story. I felt like there was a lack of interaction between the 4 women. Yuki's story lines were just... lame and her love life development was just... ludicrous. The author's actual writing was so... well, trite, especially after reading the Greg Iles book last week. The chapters are only 2-3 pages long!! I'll probably stick with the series - fortunately, I am a fast reader and a book like this will only take me a day so it's not like I'm investing a lot of time, but... definitely not as good as earlier books in the series.

SP got home a little after 10 pm. Since he has to be at work earlier, we need to get to bed earlier, so we didn't get to spend much time together. It was a blur of me finishing my book and cleaning up my dessert stuff, him packing lunch, checking email, both of us getting ready for bed. And then, almost as soon as our heads hit the pillows, we were asleep!

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  1. Its great finding fellow Pittsburghers...your pizza looks great!