Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taco Night

Last night was taco night. For us, tacos are a bit of work since SP doesn't eat beef and the times that I've tried tacos with ground turkey, I didn't enjoy them. I like beef tacos! The solution: we make ground beef taco meat and ground turkey taco meat!!! Sometimes we make shrimp tacos, but this time we decided on the ground meats.

They also are a bit of work because, even if we ate the same kind of ground meat, we like different levels of spiciness. I always say that SP has no taste buds because he likes his meat super spicy, so much so that the smell makes me cringe. I am a wimp and like mine super mild. We'd have to divide the meat and season each portion, just like we do when we make shrimp tacos.

We actually made the meat Sunday evening after dinner. We like having dinners ready for re-heating to save time during the week - more time for a few evening chores & cuddling on the couch. When I say we made the meats, I guess I mean SP, as I mostly sat at the table and watched him, repeatedly cautioning him to not make mine too spicy and making gagging noises when he very liberally sprinkled various red powders and garlic onto his ground turkey.

We don't use a taco seasoning packet - SP raids the spice rack. This is mostly because when he thought he had celiac disease, he couldn't use the seasoning packets because many of them contain gluten. Here's what he pulled out:
He also adds ketchup, salsa, diced onion, and if we have them, diced red &/or green peppers. Sometimes we have jalapenos and he'll add those. After the meats were cooked and the liquid evaporated, we each divided our meat into 2 portions, put them in non-plastic containers (not too fond of microwaving in plastic), and then put all 4 containers in the refrigerator.

Last night, while waiting for him to get home, I chopped up tomatoes, lettuce, black olives (yes, the boring kind), and cucumber - I like cucumber on tacos! I also like sour cream on my tacos but instead of buying sour cream, which SP doesn't especially like and definitely doesn't eat on tacos, I decided to use the remaining creme fraiche. For cheese, we grated some of our huge block of white cheddar and a bit of the leftover Amish Jack cheese. Then it was time to eat.I find that I am not especially coordinated with tacos. Whether I use corn shells or flour tortilla wraps, I manage to have the taco fall apart as soon as I take the first bite, slopping red meat juice down the front of my shirt, dripping the fillings all over my plate and the table. My solution is that I eat my tacos with a knife and fork!!! If its a flour tortilla, I cut it up. If it's corn shells, like last night, I break the shells into pieces, scatter them around the plate, then pile on the meat & cheese & other goodies. It works for me - I guess it's really a taco salad. The tacos were tasty, but I found that this time my meat was a bit too spicy. Oh well!!! I just piled on more cheese & veggies. Yum!!!

Dessert... I told you I can't resist!!! But here's the thing: we had a coupon for $2 off a Starbucks ice cream. I love coffee ice cream. Starbucks has yummy coffee. And yummy coffee ice cream. Giant Eagle had a special on Starbucks ice cream 2 for $6. So SP bought one Starbucks for $1. How could we pass up that deal? It even has little chocolate bits in the coffee ice cream. Yum.

So around 9 last night, after cleaning up from dinner and doing some more work in the sunroom, we settled into the comfy living room furniture with ice cream, hot tea (I had the yummy orange spice from Te Cafe), and our books. I am now somewhere in the 200's of 575 pages of The Devil's Punchbowl. It was tough to tear myself away at bedtime - very good so far.

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