Friday, July 10, 2009

Take Out From Kassab's

SP's mom is in town and everyone was meeting at Mad Mex tonight - except for us. SP doesn't leave work until 6:15-6:30, so he usually doesn't get home until 7 - too late to meet everyone for dinner. We don't have much food in the house, mostly because last weekend we didn't go grocery shopping because we were so busy. This afternoon, SP texted me asking what I thought of him picking up some food from Kassab's on the way home. I thought YUM! Way better than another hot dog (and not even a grilled hot dog since we have no grill gas).

Kassab's has been on our minds because there was an article about it in this week's City Paper. It's on East Carson Street in the South Side and serves Lebanese cuisine.

We split an order of Spinach Pie. It was delicious - not too spicy and not too garlicky (if there even was any garlic).

SP had the Vegetarian Moussaka. He loved it; I thought it was OK. First I took a bit of the top layer, the mashed potatoes, and they definitely had a kick (to me). Then I tried just the couscous/veggie layer and thought it was a bit bland. The eggplant on the bottom was tasty. It probably would've been tastier to me if I'd been able to eat all the layers at the same time!

I had a Gyro. It's enormous!!! And tasty - especially slathered with the sour cream sauce. There was lots of lamb, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions wrapped in a pita. I have some leftover for lunch tomorrow.
We also got a piece of Baklava for dessert. We haven't tried it yet - SP is currently outside mowing the lawn and I am entertaining myself on the computer!!
Kassab's is tasty and I'd definitely get food from them again (or actually go and eat there). I might even get more adventurous and try moussaka or baked kibbee!!!

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